South American Suite for Harp and Orchestra (album download)

Alfredo Rolando Ortiz

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SOUTH AMERICAN SUITE FOR HARP AND ORCHESTRA • El Paso Symphony Orchestra • Conductor Gürer Aykal • Composed and performed by Alfredo Rolando Ortiz • Orchestration by Paul Hurst • Five movements and improvisation in contrasting music styles from several countries or regions of South America: 1. COLOMBIANA   2. VENEZOLANA   3. ANDINA  4. ECUATORIANA   5. IMPROVISATION  and 6. PARAGUAYA. Also in this recording: VENEZOLANA FOR FIVE PEDAL HARPS, performed by members of "HarpFusion:" Dr. Carrol McLaughlin, Director; Hiroko Saito, Jennifer Wehmueller, Tatyana Shapiro and Jaymee Schmuck, plus two solo selections by Alfredo: UNA LUZ EN EL MAR ( A LIGHT IN THE SEA) and LA GUABINA.

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